The Great Savior of Novice Chef-Tomato and Egg Stir-fry

It’s another rare cloudy day in Austin. Spring seems to be wakened by vernal rain this week. Temperature is gently climbing up. The exuberant colors of the early spring in Austin this year reminds me of a simple yet delicious Chinese comfort food dish-tomato and egg stir-fry. It is definitely my favorite dish amongst Chinese cuisine. Back in my undergrad life, winter in Wuhan is bone-chilling, smoggy, and depressing. But when I was scarfing down stir-fried tomato and eggs at the university cafeteria, I felt like being in the subtropical warmth.

Tomato and egg stir-fry is simple to cook: just oil and salt can make it really delicious. And it tastes especially fresh with very original flavor with rich nutrition. The most important point is that it saves thousands of cooking beginners from messing up their first cooking attempts, which should be awarded as “the Great Savior of Novice Chef”!

It is said that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. I wanna say that a thousand people can make a thousand different kinds of tomato and egg stir-fry dishes. There have always been disputes about whether to peel the tomatoes, whether to cook the egg tender or old, whether to add sugar, green onions/scallions, ketchup or starch. It can be added on top of rice, or eat with lo mein, or mix with spaghetti. There are just so many variations and flexibilities in this simple dish, thus making it most popular.

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