Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m Sukie. I was born and raised in a little city in the central part of China. I came to the United States with my boyfriend to study for my master’s degree in August, 2015. We met each other when we were undergrads in Wuhan University. It’s really lucky for us to get admitted to the same university. Now I am a Master’s student in the Learning Technologies program in The University of Texas at Austin. And he is studying for his Ph.D degree. So I guess we’ll live in Austin for about 7 years at least 🙂 We love Austin and we love food.

Actually, I’m the kind of shy person mostly stay away from posting personal contents on the Internet though I often wander around and read others’ blogs. But this semester, the project of my “Teaching & Learning with the Internet” class is to be part of the “participatory, semantic and creative Internet”. So I open my first blog. It’s challenging to start a blog from scratch and use English to write interesting stuff to attract audience. I’ve gone through the essential training tutorials for WordPress on Lynda.com to customize my blog. And I begin reaching out from Chinese group and gaining pleasure from blogging. I guess that’s the “Art of Blogging”!

This blog is originated from a semester project, but I want to make it more than just a semester project. It’s like my own baby and I’ll try my best to take care of it. I’ll try to post on a regular basis, at least one posting each week. Any comments or advice is welcome and will be taken seriously 🙂