Escape to the Hamilton Pool Preserve

Graduate life becomes much busy and hectic near the end of this semester! But we wanted to do something different last weekend other than usually staying at home and working on projects. So we searched online, found this spot and decided to venture out there. The Hamilton Pool Preserve was just a breathtaking place when I visited it for the first time. The secluded swimming spot was about 45 minutes’ drive outside of Austin downtown area. On sweltering summer days in Austin, people flock here to escape the heat. Since it’s not quite peak season yet, we didn’t need to make a reservation in advance and didn’t wait long before getting in.

The pool was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed thousands of years ago, resulting in this kind of Karst landscape. Water trickles down from above the mossy dome, gradually forming stalactites, and run into the jade-toned pool.

It just reminded me of my hometown which also has Karst landscape.

We sat there on the tiny white beach for a while where people could spread out blankets and relax. Large slabs of rock lying along the inside of the pool could be perfect spots for sunbathing in hot summer. But not that day, since it was windy and a little bit cold. Then more people came to the beach, so we left and found another perfect place to rest – the big flat rock, heading half into the deep pool. We even saw catfish swimming around beneath the hidden rocks. It’s a perfect place for swimming, but might not be an appropriate one for me who just learnt to swim last summer. The pool seemed to be quite deep in some areas and there weren’t safety guards around.

Every so often we come across a breathtaking place. It is something about that particular place, in that particular time, and the particular mindset we’re in, that combine together to create a moment so perfect that its beauty is magnified to the point of breathtaking. I experienced one of these rare moments when I visited Hamilton Pool for the first time.

Like I said, I want to come to Hamilton Pool again in the summer. But it seems that it will be reservation only this summer.  The new summer fees will include:

  • $10 non-refundable reservation fee
  • $1 online reservation fee
  • $15 daily recreational use
    TOTAL: $26

If you want to visit this place, do check out the official website first!


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