Come let the river float your stress away!

Austin is a great place to go kayaking as the Colorado River runs through the city like a green silk belt. The water keeps running southeastward day and night, witnessing the rise of this city. James Graham says traveling aboard a kayak is the ultimate means of individual navigation. Spring has set in Austin and it’s a great time to go kayaking to feel the beauty of the warm spring water in the sunshine.

My boyfriend and I have long been dreaming of kayaking in the Colorado River since we came to UT Austin. This last weekend, we finally made it.  We searched for groupons for kayaking in Austin yesterday night. We woke up this morning and headed directly off to the Rowing Dock.

IMG_1749IMG_1750The weather was sunny and bright without too much heat. The riverside was extremely green with large trees towering over the river on each bank and some hanging gently over the water. There were several people peddling upstream. We rented a double kayak and started our first kayaking experience after simple training. This stretch of the river continued to be fantastic as we rowed upstream. Along with the exuberant environment, the water revealed under a steady flow with a nice darker green tint in deeper waters.

We saw turtles basking in the sun on the branches near water and a group of ducks clamoring in the water. These cute ducks just reminded me of one of the famous classic Chinese poems written by Su Shi: “When spring warms the flow, ducks are the first to know.” The renown poet in Song Dynasty describes the scene of several branches of peach blossoms emerging from a thicket of bamboo and how the ducks know that spring is coming, as they feel the river water warming up underneath them.

flying2flyingflying birdDucks

The entire journey lasted about two hours, with all of it being extremely pleasant, full of water as well as fun. It’s a great way to put stress away while kayaking on the Colorado River!



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