Survival life skill for studying abroad-How to assemble Ikea furniture!

Before I came to America, I heard that overseas students are a group of omnipotent people. Being thousands of miles away from home makes them independent and they are pushed to learn life skills to take care of themselves. They are plumbers, cookers, motor mechanics, and so on. I thought it’s kind of exaggerating. But I didn’t realize that it’s bloody true until I tried to assemble Ikea furniture last weekend…It was quite an experience.

I needed a desk for study. So my boyfriend and I drove to Ikea in Round Rock (completely forgotten who recommended us in the first place). Not to mention the experiences of having to park miles from the store’s entrance and having to lug giant boxes to the checkout aisle on our own, it all began when we left this place with the false hope of assembling the same furniture at our home.

First, we laid out all the pieces, trying to figure out how long this is gonna take us to finish assembling. Then, when we looked at the directions, we almost cried since it seemed like anime two dimension world. Seriously, what does this mean?  I couldn’t figure out the inscrutable assembly instructions and had no idea where the screws should go.


I wanted to call this guy, but no initiative to do so…

This is damn hard for me. But fortunately, I’ve got a boyfriend. And I didn’t have to turn my room like this:


It’s not my room… It’s a picture from the Internet


Stilling working on it…


Final product! Cheers 🙂

And I found some other funny pictures about assembling Ikea furniture…Just can’t stop laughing


After this experience, being a furniture assembly worker is included in my essential survival life skills.


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